PUSH UP – Best Cinematogpraphy Award

The famous International Film Festival “Houston Comedy Film Festival” was held last January in Texas.

We received the great news that David Galán Galindo´s last project “Push Up” had been selected among others. A project where I have had the pleasure of performing as cinematographer, working together with renowned artists such as Julián López, Mariam Hernández or Daniel Pérez Prada.

Shortfilm –

Days later, nominations unveiled, we celebrated “Push Up” overwhelming victory. After competing with more than 400 films, feature films and short films both categories included, our project has been awarded neither more or less than in four categories.:
– Best Short Film: Push up
– Best Actress: Mariam Hernández
– Best Actor: Julián López 
– Best Cinematography: César Maderal


Although we could´t attend the Awards Ceremony, On January 31 just being among the final nominates, with such number of projects involved, is already a great recognition of the work done.

Today morning, I got the news. I have been awarded “Best Director of Photography”, amongst 6 nominees within this category. I´d like to appreciate their work, since there are just few festivals rewarding such works.

Also my congratulations to my colleagues who were finally not rewarded and the rest of “Push Up” team, whose support made it all possible. Thank you, I hope to get together again in some future.

Here, I would like to encourage spanish festivals to introduce more awards in technical categories. It is many of us making films possible.

Push up